ELF Studio Makeup Mist & Set

Over the weekend I decided it was time to have a little clear out of my dressing table. Now that Autumn has arrived, it is time to pack away those bright lipsticks and revisit the warmer shades that have made their way to the back of my drawers. Whilst sorting through my collection, I stumbled upon the ELF Studio Makeup Mist & Set that was still wrapped up in its packaging (oops!) and decided to put it to the test. I’m not the biggest fan of setting mists, but I did read that this was a fantastic dupe for Mac Fix Plus. 
The bestselling, invigorating mist not only moisturises and soothes the skin with its Aloe, Green Tea and Cucumber ingredients, but also claims to keep makeup in place all day. The lightweight formula (alcohol free) promises to improve makeup wearability and prevent colour from running or fading. Simply spray 16-18 inches away from face (with eyes closed!) after makeup application or throughout the day for a quick refresh. Let the mist dry naturally on the skin or blot with tissue to help speed dry if necessary. 
After using it religiously over the past couple of days, I must say I am not a fan. I am not sure if I have purchased a ‘dodgy’ bottle, but the mist sprays in all different directions! I did pump a few times into a tissue to see if it was blocked, but it didn’t seem to make much difference. I felt that it left my face extremely wet, and I was conscious of blotting quickly to ensure my makeup wasn’t left streaky. On a more positive note, I really like the ingredients, but can’t help but think it would be more beneficial in my skincare routine as a toner than my makeup. 
I have recently visited the ELF website to confirm the price of this product, but noticed that it is no longer listed (apart from in the US). As far as I am aware, it has been rebranded as their ELF Revitalising Mist £7.50 (in new swanky packaging) and has added ingredients of Witch Hazel, Rosemary, Chamomile and Honeysuckle, yet still claims to refresh makeup. It has a mixed array of reviews, mostly positive and a few helpful tips I thought I would share. A couple of people have mentioned that they don’t spray this directly on their face, but on their brushes prior to makeup application. I dampen my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge with water on a daily basis, but may try spritzing with the Mist and Set formula from now on.
What are your thoughts on the ELF mist products?
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