The Importance of Body Brushing


During the summer months, body care is a top priority in most beauty routines, however as we head into the cooler seasons, certain areas tend to become neglected. The thought of standing nuddy in your bathroom freezing your butt off whilst you apply various lotions and potions is our worst nightmare and that’s why most tend to skip out important steps.
To put it simply, detoxification is performed by many of our major organs, glands and transportation systems (gut, kidneys, liver, lympthatic system etc.) and body brushing helps detoxify and stimulate this method. 
Body brushing is easy to do at home and simply involves using a soft natural brush to exfoliate the skin, starting with your feet and working your way up yours legs, always brushing towards the heart. Use long sweeping strokes and apply a pressure that is most comfortable, but avoid sensitive areas such as the face and/or broken skin. It is usually performed on dry skin, but many people prefer to do it in the bath/ shower (to keep warm!). Body brushing is a way to stimulate organs to detoxify, which helps with the skins natural healing process as well as many other benefits;
  • Can help eliminate cellulite
  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Help the skin to look young and supple
  • Eases muscle soreness
  • Stimulates circulation 
Being an avid fake tanner, exfoliation and body brushing is essential part of my beauty routine in order to ensure even application, coverage and fade. Whilst running a hot bubble bath, I use a long handled body brush and use a comfortable amount of pressure, in circular motions, all over my body, focusing on my problematic areas (tops of my legs and bum). Once I have shampooed, conditioned and conducted all other routine essentials, I then finish with a creamy shower gel and my trusty pair of exfoliation gloves to leave my skin super soft and prepped for a fresh layer of fake tan.
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  1. Making it one of new years resolutions to start doing this! I've read loads of good things about but, but even if it just helps the patchy tan situation out its got to be a winner! Xxx


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