CND Shellac FAQ

I always get asked so many questions when sporting a shellac manicure - “how much does it cost?”, “how long does it last?”, “how is it different to ordinary nail polish?”, so I thought I would put together a post detailing the treatment and answering some of the above common questions. 
Shellac is a treatment that is much more durable than a regular manicure. It is often referred to as a gel manicure that promises smudge-proof nail colour that can last up to 4 weeks without chips or breaks. The special formula applies just like regular nail polish, but has specific preparation steps that must be adhered to achieve maximum results. Shellac is cured by UV light and the treatment takes approximately 30 – 60 minutes to complete - nails are fully dry by the time you leave the salon. There is no drilling methods present in a shellac manicure, meaning nails are not left dry, thin or torn. Shellac nail polish is an excellent choice for strong healthy fingernails and those willing to spare a few minutes each day for homecare. Applying cuticle oil daily will keep the nail bed hydrated, nourished, strong and healthy underneath the porous polish. 
Shellac is best suited for those who want to maintain their natural nails for 14 days or more (lifestyle dependant). New nail growth is often the only reason to head back to the salon, but users must be aware that cleaning products, chlorine and other household chemicals can cause the polish to peel or chip. It is not recommended for those who have extremely damaged nail beds, split or peeling nails. These issues will affect durability and should be corrected by a qualified Manicurist before discussing shellac application. 
It is recommended that shellac only be applied by a licenced and fully trained Manicurist, as improper tools, techniques or products will leave less desirable results. The average price for a CND Shellac Manicure can range from £25 - £35 depending on the detail of the treatment (simple file, buff & polish or a full length manicure). There are a wide range of colours available, which can be layered for a desired effect. 
I absolutely love CND shellac manicures, but personally like to give my nails a ‘breather’ every couple of months. During this time, I cut my nails fairly short, apply a nourishing nail strengthener (OPI Nail Envy is incredible) and use lots of luxurious thick hand creams/ mask to repair any dry areas of skin. Shellac does get quite a lot of bad press for dehydrating and damaging healthy nails, but if correct application and removal is adhered to with regular ‘pamper breaks’, there is no reason for nails to suffer.

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