Holiday Beauty Preparation

Last year I put together a post detailing my holiday body prep and aftercare advice (which you can read here), but the steps specifically surrounded my routine the evening before. Since I have just under 3 weeks to go until I jet off to sunny Tenerife, I thought I’d share with you some of the steps in my beauty routine I have already started to take, or will be taking over the next few days leading up to my holiday. 

I have been on a fairly strict health & fitness regime since the start of January, and body brushing/ exfoliation has gradually become a new obsession of mine. Body brushing is great for encouraging circulation, battling stubborn areas of cellulite and improving the skins texture. Not only is my skin noticeably smoother, but it is in great condition for even safe tanning once on holiday. I dry brush in circular motions, in the direction of the heart before I take a bath or shower. 

This year I plan on getting a spray tan a couple of days before I depart, and therefore need my skin to be in tip top condition to withhold that bronzed glow. Daily light exfoliation and moisturiser whilst out there should allow me to get a good 5-6 days before I have to completely scrub off and begin a fresh coat of tanning moisturiser. Those that don’t want the hassle of hair removal should book their waxing appointments a couple of months in advance to receive maximum hair free results. 

Facial skincare before a holiday requires a gentler approach of (chemical) exfoliators, soothing toners, and hydrating moisturisers. Specific face masks targeted at problematic areas are useful a few weeks prior to departure, not only for treatment, but as a confidence booster before you go bare faced. Water is also a key step in achieving great holiday skin, and you should aim to drink around 8 glasses a day to really help flush out your body. Add a piece of sliced fruit (lemon/lime) if you struggle to motivate yourself to drink it plain. 

I re-touch the roots of my hair on average every 6-8 weeks, and always apply colour the week before I go away. I have been a lover of the Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour for quite a while now due to their natural flower oils and no ammonia formula. (I have recently switched from their 10.0 Very Light Blonde shade to 10.21 Pearly Very Light Blonde as it is less on the yellow side). Chemically-enhanced hair obviously needs a little TLC all year round, but especially before, and after, suffering in a hot climate. Therefore, hydrating hair masks, treatments and oils are essential to ensure hair is kept strong and healthy. 

I am always sporting a shellac manicure, but allow myself a couple of weeks break every few months to give my nails a ‘breather’. I already have a pretty good nail care routine, but for those that don’t, you could either treat yourself to a pre-holiday manicure/pedicure, or conduct one yourself at home. Simply trim your nails using clippers, and file (in one direction) to the desired shape. Apply a clear protective base coat, chosen colour and a chip-resistant topcoat. Incorporate a hand cream into your routine (I keep one on my desk at work!) as well as a cuticle oil (essential if wearing shellac). 

Do you have any pre-holiday beauty tips? Stay tuned for more sun related posts to come on Beauty Toolkit!

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