Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Make-up Remover

Regular readers of Beauty Toolkit will already know that I am a big fan of the Garnier 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover. Its oil and cleansing water formula ensures quick, fuss-free removal of even the heaviest of eye make-up. At £3.25 for 200ml, it definitely falls into the drugstore bracket and I personally find it extremely long lasting (definitely value for money). I was scouring the shelves one Saturday afternoon to repurchase when I noticed it was out of stock. Sitting next to its usual spot was the New Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover. Eager to try an updated version, I popped it into my basket without hesitation.

In terms of size, you are noticeably getting less solution (125 ml) for a slightly higher price (£3.49) - However, it promises to remove make-up quickly, yet efficiently, whilst protecting the lashes using a non-greasy formula. Enriched with naturally derived Arginine, it leaves a protective layer on the eyelashes so they feel cleansed, yet cared for. Simply shake the bottle to mix the two phases together, apply a few drops to a cotton pad and hold against the eye area for a few seconds, allowing time for the make-up to dissolve. Gently wipe from the inner corner moving outwards and repeat if necessary. The formula is even suitable for us contact lens wearers! 

I love the new purple shaded formula, and can definitely notice a difference in terms of greasiness (or lack of). However, I have only been using it for the last week or so, and I am already nearly half way through the bottle. I don’t agree with its added ‘express’ tag, as I find it just as effective as the original version. I haven’t been so disappointed that I wouldn’t go out and re-purchase again, but I definitely would choose the original before this ‘express’ version when given the option. I am currently on the hunt for a drugstore cleansing oil that is gentle enough to use on the eyes and face. If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!

Have you tried the new Garnier Express 2 in 1 Makeup Remover? Do you have any cleansing oil recommendations?


  1. Great post, I don't understand why eye make-up is always in smaller bottles, it really annoys me LOL. Have you tried Bioderma, I really like that for eye make-up remover- difficult to get easily in the UK though.

    Lydia || ItsHerStyleX


  2. I absolutely love this product haha. I've never tried the other version of it. I can't believe you are nearly half way through it, I find it's so good value for money! I've already been through two bottles and I'm on my third.


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