Guest Post "New Year, New Me" Sherlock-Fitness

January is almost always a time when people regret their over indulgence from the festive period.
What are you planning on doing about it this year?
Is your new years resolution to go the gym more?
Do you usually struggle to stick to your resolutions come February?

The answer is you are doing too much and your lifestyle cannot handle it.

Change has to be slow.

If you don't go the gym at all and your resolution states you are going to go 4 times per week, after week 2 you will probably be physically and mentally exhausted. You need to ensure that your exercise regime fits in with your normal everyday life. For January, try going once a week and make it part of your routine. After 4-6 weeks you will find that it becomes ingrained into your lifestyle, to go, say, every Monday. It is at this point when you should add another session.

Using this method, by the time May comes and you're ready for the final push to get your bikini body ready for summer, you will be in a routine of going to the gym the 4 times a week your resolution stated in January.

A few tips to keep it up;

  • Go the gym in the mornings. Most gyms open at 6/6.30 giving you enough time to workout, shower, and get to work.
  • Pack your bag the night before if you go before work. If you go to the gym after work, take your kit with you and go on your way home.
  • Take photos and measurements on the first of every month to help document progress (don't trust the numbers on the scales (THEY LIE!))
  • and lastly, enjoy your fitness journey. Getting in shape should be enjoyable. The human body is an incredible machine and when utilised properly the possibilities will amaze you.

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