The Christmas Tag


What's your favourite Christmas movie/s?
Hands down Miracle on 34th Street - I have to watch it at least once over the festive period. 
Do you open presents on Christmas morning or Christmas evening?
We have always opened our presents on Christmas morning, however, over the years, we have left a handful until after Christmas Dinner as our morning is usually spent visiting our Grandparents.
Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I will always remember when my Brother and I were younger, we would sit in the living room (fire crackling away) for hours on end with an Argos catalogue each and fold down the corners (and circle) all the items that we wanted for Christmas. 
What's your favourite festive food?
Believe it not, we never have Turkey for our Christmas Dinner - always lamb, beef or fish! In terms of my favourite festive food, it has to be mince pies. (Pauls mum makes the best homemade mince pies!)
What's been your favourite Christmas gift?
Hardest question ever?! Literally too many to choose from! From small items such as homemade photo frames, to larger more expensive gifts such as an iPad and my first car!
What's your favourite Christmas scent?
I absolutely love burning scented candles throughout the year, but my favourite Christmas smellies are Cinnamon and Spices. I still have a large Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie that I got last year, but don’t want to burn it too much as I never want it to run out! 
Do you have a Christmas Eve tradition?
Since moving to Chester 6 years ago, I have always driven back home to Preston for the Christmas period. I love to have a bit of a pamper evening, get in some fresh jim jams and then sit down and watch tele with the family. 
What tops your tree?
Growing up, we always had a fancy fairy sitting at the top of our tree, but now Paul and I have our own house, we have always had a glitzy silver sequinned star. 
As a child, what was the one (crazy, extravagant) gift you wanted but never got?
A white horse (haha) and as soon as I owned one, I would magically be able to ride it perfectly and would buy a stable for our back garden. 
What do you think is the best part of Christmas?
There’s no doubt about it that the best part of Christmas is getting to spend some quality time with your family. Everyone seems so much happier and relaxed, and there is nothing better than seeing a smile on the faces of people you love the most. 
I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and I tag everyone who would like to take part!

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  1. I love reading Christmas tags and I loved reading yours! I really want the Christmas Cookie Yankee candle! x


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