Pink Rose Bath Confetti

Bath time used to be a Sunday luxury, but during the winter months they have become a regular weekday occurrence. I must admit, I'm not a big fan of the Lush bathbombs - I prefer a bath cream or oil.

Last Christmas, I received a pack of bath confetti - little waterproof LED flower lights that floated in your bubbly bath water, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere - heavenly. Since then, I have been on the hunt for other alternatives, and stumbled across these Pink Rose Bath Confetti with natural Rose extract. They smell define, and teamed with a candle of choice, create a luxurious (yet girly) bathing experience. I have used these several times now, and they haven't deteriorated in quality at all.

What are your thoughts on bath confetti? 


  1. I've never used bath confetti as I'm more into the idea of using bath bombs or bubble soaks that actually contribute to moisture in my skin or something to that effect. These sounds like a nice idea though x

    Beauty with charm

  2. I havent heard of these before! They sound lovely x
    Emma | Emmys Blog


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