All Black Everything

This year, the US phenomena, Black Friday, hit the majority of shops by storm; my inbox was flooded with discount rates and BOGOF offers. These incredible deals continued throughout the weekend, and the majority of us took full advantage! Who wouldn’t? Sticking with the Black theme, I thought I would share with you my ultimate Eyeliner Favourites; including gel, liquid and kohl formulas.

The Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner has been sitting in my collection for many years now. Teamed alongside a fine Louise Young eyeliner Brush, it is extremely easy to create a fine line that does not budge. I love to use this product on a night out to create a dramatic, bold, and heavily winged out make up look.

The L’Oreal Super Liners are a firm favourite amongst many bloggers. These liquid liners have a fine, sturdy nip, which makes them extremely easy to work with. The shade, Black Lacquer is a dark, opaque black and is incredibly long lasting. I use this product on a daily basis, and have yet to find anything (other than NYX BEL06) that tops it. 

Finally, another eyeliner product that has been in my collection for many years is the Barry M Bold Black Waterproof Kohl Pencil. Apart from a handful of occasions, I choose to stay clear of liquid or mgel eyeliner in my waterline. As a daily contact lens wearer, I find that the formulas irritate my lenses, so prefer to use a waterproof kohl pencil. This liner does not budge (even with teary, sensitive eyes!). It an incredibly soft pencil, so can be easily smudged out if you prefer a smokier look.

Do you have any black themed beauty favourites?


  1. Loreal superliner is one of my absolute favourites! I have had the same liner since the beginning of the summer now and it still hasn't dried up x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I know! It seems to last for ever! Definitely get your moneys worth xox


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