Winter Footcare Favourites

Hidden beneath countless pairs of fluffy socks, fur lined boots and damp wellies; our feet seem to have become a long lost memory. However, I strongly believe that a thorough foot care routine should be well maintained throughout the whole year. During the summer months, our feet are showcased in glitzy sandals, tan wedges and endless rounds in flip flops and are therefore much more likely to receive special pampering attention.  As the weather turns colder, our feet are forgotten about, and are shoved to the very bottom of our beauty regime without hesitation. Below are a few products I like to use to ensure my tootsies are well hydrated, nourished and maintained regardless of the weather.

I tend to reach for a foot file on most Sunday’s throughout the year. This is a fantastic tool at smoothing areas of dry or hard skin, often on the heel of the foot. (Always try and file in the same direction away from the foot to avoid discomfort).

I then follow up with a rich hydrating moisturiser (it doesn’t have to necessarily be foot related). I am currently using this little sample tube of Acqua di Parma Moisturiser which smells divine, and is small enough to keep at my bedside. I apply a generous amount, concentrating on the dry areas of my feet, and then apply a pair of warm fluffy socks that have been heated up in the tumble dryer - pure bliss.

A couple of hours later, or the following day, I like to cut and file my toenails to a manageable length. I must admit, I do like to keep them fairly short in the winter months, to avoid discomfort in enclosed shoes. I have already spoken about my love for the Leighton Denny Glass Nail File in my Bedside Beauty post here.

The final step is to apply a polish. Deep toned colours are well suited for this time of year, but must be applied over a base coat to avoid nail staining. Barry M nail polishes feature heavily on my blog, and this Raspberry colour is my current favourite.

What products are including in your winter foot care routine?

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