Winter Footcare Favourites

Hidden beneath countless pairs of fluffy socks, fur lined boots and damp wellies; our feet seem to have become a long lost memory. However, I strongly believe that a thorough foot care routine should be well maintained throughout the whole year. During the summer months, our feet are showcased in glitzy sandals, tan wedges and endless rounds in flip flops and are therefore much more likely to receive special pampering attention.  As the weather turns colder, our feet are forgotten about, and are shoved to the very bottom of our beauty regime without hesitation. Below are a few products I like to use to ensure my tootsies are well hydrated, nourished and maintained regardless of the weather.

I tend to reach for a foot file on most Sunday’s throughout the year. This is a fantastic tool at smoothing areas of dry or hard skin, often on the heel of the foot. (Always try and file in the same direction away from the foot to avoid discomfort).

I then follow up with a rich hydrating moisturiser (it doesn’t have to necessarily be foot related). I am currently using this little sample tube of Acqua di Parma Moisturiser which smells divine, and is small enough to keep at my bedside. I apply a generous amount, concentrating on the dry areas of my feet, and then apply a pair of warm fluffy socks that have been heated up in the tumble dryer - pure bliss.

A couple of hours later, or the following day, I like to cut and file my toenails to a manageable length. I must admit, I do like to keep them fairly short in the winter months, to avoid discomfort in enclosed shoes. I have already spoken about my love for the Leighton Denny Glass Nail File in my Bedside Beauty post here.

The final step is to apply a polish. Deep toned colours are well suited for this time of year, but must be applied over a base coat to avoid nail staining. Barry M nail polishes feature heavily on my blog, and this Raspberry colour is my current favourite.

What products are including in your winter foot care routine?

Mini November Boots Haul

Hands up who is trying to make a conscious effort to cut down on their impulse spending as we approach the Christmas season? However, needs must in the beauty blogging world, and I had to replenish a few ‘make-up must haves’.

The Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (transparent) is an essential item in my make-up bag. I have pretty normal skin but I do like to lightly dust my t-zone throughout the day as it can sometimes get a little oily. It doesn’t make the skin look or feel cakey, yet keeps unwanted shine at bay.

I have already reviewed the Garnier Simply Essentials Eye Make up Remover here. This bottle of goodness is unbelievable at removing stubborn waterproof mascara. Simply shake the two solutions together to mix, soak a cotton pad, hold on each eye for approximately 15-20 seconds and gently wipe away - no rubbing, tugging or pulling needed.

I religiously apply winged liner on a daily basis, so I am always on the hunt to find a better version of the NYX Liquid Eyeliner BEL06 (favourite so far). I am a big lover of the Revlon Colorstay range (especially their foundations) so I am looking forward to testing this out. I was initially drawn in by the slim pen-like packaging, fine nib and deep black (slightly glossy) colour - I will keep you updated!

Finally, I have already mentioned that certain areas of my skin have become a little dry due to the colder climate (and air-conditioned offices!) and I have been reaching for a richer moisturiser. I decided to try and incorporate more cream products into my daily make-up, for a more hydrated and glossy finish. I have owned a handful of cream blushes in the past, and have never had any difficulty with application. This Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in the shade Berry 06 is a lovely deep pink tone which can be used to add a flush of colour to an autumnal look.

What are your beauty must haves?

Battle of The Red Lip

L-R Rimmel Apocolips, Bourjois Elixir Gloss, Rimmel Lipstick, Revlon Matte Lip Stain

Bold coloured lip products are my ultimate favourite make up accessory. I don’t tend to experiment with different eye looks on a daily basis, but I do like to switch up my lip colour. Throughout the warm summer months, my pink toned lip collection expanded rapidly with a handful of glosses, stains, balms and lipsticks being added to my collection. As we are now mid-November, the battle of the reds has begun. I have already posted a ‘black wing, red lips’ which you can check out here.

The Rimmel Apocolips ‘402 Across the Universe’ is an extremely vibrant, glossy red that can be applied neatly without the use of a lip liner. It is incredibly long lasting and once dry, sets as a matte finish. The formula is thick and opaque, and often dries from the inside, meaning re-application is necessary.

The Bourjois 3D Volume & Shine Elixir Gloss ‘90 Rouge’ can be worn alone as a lightweight, sheer cherry gloss or on top of a lipstick for an intensely glistening bold colour. Enriched with micro crystalline wax, it helps create a deep, voluminous and ultra-shiny result. I’m not sure whether I agree with the ‘8 hour wear’ stated on their packaging, but it definitely takes a lot to budge.

I highly rate all of my Rimmel lipsticks as I think they are the most affordable, yet high-end quality lip products on the market (bold statement alert).  Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Lipstick ‘170 Alarm’ is an intense, creamy and long lasting lipstick in a shade that would suit most skin tones. This lipstick has a lot of love within the blogosphere, and very rightly so.

Finally, the Revlon Balm Stain ‘250 Standout Remarquable’ is my favourite velvety matte red lip product. I like to use a lip liner alongside this lightweight stain as I find the chubby pencil a little too large to apply neatly. It can sometimes make my lips feel a dry, so I usually prep with a moisturising lip balm before application. It is extremely easily to re-apply if needed, and is retractable meaning no need to sharpen – winner.
What are your red lip favourites?

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Pink is undeniably a colour I adore all year round - come rain or shine. Working with the Mean Girls motto ‘on Wednesdays we wear pink’, I thought I’d share with you some of my current rosy toned picks - enjoy!

The Real Techniques Stippling Brush was the first piece of Sam and Nic’s collection that I headed out and purchased. I initially started using it alongside a variety of liquid foundations, but have since moved on to singularly using it for blush - both cream and powder products. Fast forward a couple of years, and I now own a number of their brushes and can’t fault their price, quality or durability.

Glittery nail polishes always feature heavily on my nails as we head towards the Christmas season. Models Own 'Hot Stuff' is jam-packed full of chunky pieces of glitter in a variety of colours (predominantly pink), and look great on their own or applied on top of a base colour. I usually opt for just a single feature nail, on both my fingers and toes, to avoid glitter overload (pretty much just ‘blog talked ’myself into applying it tonight!).

The Rimmel Apocolips have featured a couple of times on my blog now, and are one of my go-to lip products. '102 Nova' is a lovely warm-toned shade that applies like a cream without looking too glossy - (think liquid lipstick). Speaking on behalf of all the Apocolips shades I have tried & tested, their application is super easy (in my opinion - no need for a lip liner) and their lasting power is hardcore - winner.

I only have a handful of MAC blushes, and all are of similar vibrant shades. I always tend to lean towards vivid pink tones, as I find they suit my fair skin tone the best. MAC 'Pink Swoon' is  an exceptionally bold sheertone blush that requires a very gentle hand. I apply this in a stippling motion using the Real Techniques brush mentioned above!

On days when I either haven’t got much time on my hands to get ready, or I want a lip product that is fuss free and extremely subtle in colour, I reach for a tinted lip balm. The Pixi Lip Balm in shade Ripe Raspberry has a delicate pink tint whilst keeping my lips super hydrated. I absolutely love the bullet packaging as it makes it extremely easy to apply when on the move.

Do you have any 'pink themed' favourites?

Eyelure 107's

During my teenage years, I was a devoted daily falsies wearer. There wasn’t an occasion where I wouldn’t be seen dead without my beloved lashes (I’m talking work, gym and college). I would constantly cram my dressing table drawer with numerous boxes of various eyelash brands, in dreaded fear that I ever ran out. It was only during a scheduled girly pamper evening at the end of my first University Fresher’s week that I flicked through a horror story in a glossy magazine of a girl who’s eyelashes actually fell out after becoming so addicted to falsies- I was horrified. From that moment onwards, I became obsessed with looking after my lashes and spent many a night delicately smothering vaseline into them using a cotton bud (a random tip I found on Google). My daily false lash obsession became a weekend obsession, and I became more inclined to buy high quality, branded false eyelash products.

Eyelure, The World’s Favourite Eyelash Brand, stocks a wide range of lashes to suit all tastes- Naturals, Lengthening, Texture, Volume, Definition, Exaggerate, Dramatic & Party. They are extremely affordable, and if looked after, can be used several times. The Eyelure 107’s have been a consistent purchase of mine over the last couple of years. They are a volumising, angled lash with a natural style finish to suit all eye shapes. I find these extremely wearable for both day and night occasions, and that they give just enough length and volume to accentuate the eye area, without drawing attention to the fact you are actually wearing false lashes.

What are your Falsie Favourites?

ELF 6 Eyeshadow Shades Palette

I’m not one to wear eyeshadow during the week - I seem to have mastered a daily full face with black winged liner and lashings of mascara in an impressive 10 minutes before heading out the door to work. However, on weekends when I tend to have a little extra time to get ready, I like to reach for a palette with an assortment of colours (neutral, colourful & dark). I have had this particular ELF 6-colour cool palette in my collection for a while now, and seem to gravitate towards it for all occasions. In terms of daily wear I always opt for neutral tones, whereas when heading out for dinner or a planned night out with the girls, I usually opt for the darker shades (greys and blacks) for a more dramatic look and often add a pop of colour in my bottom waterline.

ELF cosmetics sell high quality, extremely pigmented, and on-trend items for those on a budget. (They pride themselves on providing customers with quality cosmetics at affordable prices). I find it a great way of experimenting with makeup techniques and/ or colours before splurging on a hyped and popular high-end brand. This palette is particularly shimmery (which I love), but they do sell a variety of matte shades on their online website too. The shadows are extremely soft in texture, but do not crease or fade when applied directly to the lids without the use of a primer.

I now have my eye on the new Studio Matte Lip Colours which are a jumbo sized lip pencil! What are you ELF Cosmetics favourites?

October Favourites

1. Ever since I took the plunge and purchased my very own UV Gel Lamp, I have been obsessed with ‘at home’ shellac nails. I am a big fan of the Blue Sky Shellac Nails brand (available on Amazon) as they produce long-lasting, high quality, and glossy nails on a budget. Annoyingly, I always find that nail polish base and top coats are a bit like shampoo and conditioner - you never finish a bottle at the same time! When I ran out of top coat I was intrigued to find out the difference between the budget Blue Sky brand (£5.00) and the high class CND Shellac brand (£15.99). The packaging, consistency and durability of the CND Shellac is incredible and I can see why it is so highly priced- I look forward to testing out their range of colour polishes.

2. As we have sorrowfully waved our last goodbyes to the warm, sunny weather and welcomed in the cool, crisp autumn months, my lip shade choices have darkened. Red lips and black winged eyeliner has always been an autumnal staple make-up look for me, both day and night. The Rimmel London Apocolips Lip Laquer in 402 Across The Universe (£6.49) is one of my most reached for lip products due to its budget price, fuss-free application (no need for a lip liner) and long lasting wear. It is extremely glossy once applied and after a couple of hours wear, remains as a bold stain.

3. I’m the kind of girl who is always rocking a volumised up-do, so hairspray is a necessity in my beauty routine. From a young age I have always been surrounded by Pantene hair products - I’m talking shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and a handful of extra oils. I ended up having to sway away from my beloved roots (excuse the pun) and purchase a mini bottle of the Tresemme ‘freeze hold’ Hairspray (£2.29) whilst in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games (who forgets to pack hairspray?!). I was astounded by the quality of hold - most low cost hairsprays that offer firm, extreme or freeze hold tend to leave hair feeling sticky, dirty and generally unpleasant. However, this miniature bottle kept my hair in place, whilst still feeling like actual hair and I have since purchased a couple of full sized bottles to store away for a rainy day.  

4. I mentioned last month that my skin had become a little dry due to the change in seasons, and that I’d stumbled upon an old favourite - Nivea Soft Moisturiser. This pot of goodness has still been working wonders during October, but I had noticed that my concealer was still clinging to the area underneath my eyes. I decided to dig out my Simple Soothing Eye Balm (£3.99), which is great for re-hydrating dry skin without irritating areas that are prone to sensitivity. I have been using this morning and night for several weeks now and have noticed a considerable improvement in the application, comfort and general appearance of my skin and makeup - winner.

5. I made the decision to purchase another MAC 217 Brush (£19.00) at the beginning of the month as a clean back-up for blending out eyeshadow, and I fell in love with it all over again. It is the perfect shape and size for smooth application of eye (and concealing) products - even for those who wouldn’t class themselves as a make-up pro. Its price tag is easily justifiable based on its quality - a definite staple in your make-up bag. 

What were you loving in October?

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