Simple 'Deep Cleansing' Face Mask

Sundays are made for pampering, and I like to put a couple of hours aside in the afternoon to spend some quality time on myself. It usually involves; a hot bubble bath, body scrub, hair oil, shellac ‘at home’ manicure and face mask (standard).

I regularly use a ‘deep cleansing’ mask to draw out the dirt, grime and impurities from the previous working week, and to prepare my skin for the dreaded Monday blues. Clay masks are traditionally very drying and often irritate those with sensitive skins when trying to (scrub off and) remove.  The Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask cleverly balances natural clay, seaweed extract and Bisabolol (an oil that contains anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties) to ensure skin is detoxified and purified without using any unnecessary perfume, colour, or harsh chemicals. Skin is left feeling soft, smooth and calm after just 3 minutes, and it is even gentle enough to be used twice a week on normal/oily skin types.

What I enjoy the most about using this mask, is the fact that it doesn’t set (you aren’t left with that awkward tight feeling that tends to crack if you smile/laugh or eat). It is such a light creamy consistency that it is a delight to apply - I like to use an old foundation brush to evenly spread it on my face and neck, and then remove with a luke warm flannel (heavenly).  Priced at £3.99, this is a minimalistic, fuss free and low-cost beauty product with high-end results. 


  1. I love products that work brilliantly and don't cost the earth! So need to get this!
    Jodie xo // La Lune Song

  2. Love how you set up your pictures for this - very creative!

  3. This seems like such a steal, I must add it to my shopping list!


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