September Favourites

1. I am a bit of a dabbler when it comes to facial moisturisers as I often find my skin becomes accustomed to a product after prolonged use. Once I had scraped the remnants of my Simple Daily Moisturiser, I was on the hunt for another tub of goodness, cue Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream. Whilst sorting (procrastinating) through a collection of beauty bits ‘n’ bobs that were still boxed from the big move, I spotted this sorely forgotten moisturiser and popped it on my dressing table, ready to use. It has the typical Nivea smell (which I love), isn’t too greasy, extremely hydrating, and leaves my skin super baby soft. I must admit, I can be a little heavy handed with this cream at times, and I tend to scoop a generous dollop into my hand and methodically massage every last bit onto my face and neck - but who doesn’t love a good facial massage?   

2. I am the kinda girl who can be found sporting a bold lip day or night. Blonde hair and a naturally pale complexion, means that my colouring is often washed out and I find bright, vibrant colours are a great way of bringing that flush back. I especially adore shades of red and pink and have typically opted for a lip stain as I find these extremely easy to apply and maintain. I purchased MAC Girl About Town last December to wear at a Christmas Party, but hadn’t reached for it since. This month, this little black bullet hasn’t left my Handbag, and I have been wearing it on a daily basis.

3. All aboard the blogging hype wagon! Who hasn’t heard about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water? After scrolling through the rave reviews within the blogosphere, I had to pop out and purchase this generously sized pink bottle of magic. I tend to use this cleansing water to remove as much of my makeup as possible, before doing a full cleanse with my Simple Cleansing Cream. It is gentle formula, so perfect for those with sensitive eyes and skin (actually does feel like water), yet extremely effective - even removes waterproof make-up!

4. I bought a Ted Baker Bath set from Boots as a Birthday present back in August, and I couldn’t resist picking up a bottle of bubbly myself -Ted Baker Bath Foam. This tall, girly, pink bottle is filled with a gorgeous pink, sparkly gel which bubbles up generously when ran under a hot tap. It is scented with Rose, Sandalwood, Raspberry and Vanilla (swoon) and is surprisingly nourishing for a foam product. I have been using this religiously each Sunday when I like to put time aside for a nice long pamper session - a little really does go a long way.

5. A random favourite this month which accidently falls into the bracket of beauty/ health goodies are IRON tablets from Aldi. Whilst scouring the shelves during a weekly shop, I noticed that they sold a variety of supplements at bargain prices. I had practically self-diagnosed myself (via Google) as having an iron deficiency after I noticed that I was constantly left feeling tired and lethargic on a daily basis. I started taking one each night and after approximately a 4-week period; I noticed that my mood was (subconsciously?) lifting, my energy levels had significantly increased and even my fingernails had become surprisingly strong and healthy - winner!


  1. I really want to try the garnier cleansing water it sound really great!


  2. I love that MAC shade! So classy and elegant! x

    Sunaina ❃

    1. Thanks Sunaina - I think it is in a lot of girlies makeup bags xox

  3. Hey, I love your blog and followed on bloglovin! I love the mac lipstick and I absolutely adore garnier micellar water!

  4. Great picks I love the Garnier Micellar water its one of the best ones that I've tried and I love the pink cap ha. Great post xx

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle


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