Bedside Beauty

After spending an excessive (and unjustifiable) amount of time at my dressing table removing my daily make up and making the life-changing decision of which jim jams to put on, I clamber into bed. My beauty routine doesn’t stop there, as I reach for my ‘bedside beauty box’ and prep myself before catching some much needed ZZZ’s.

I am most often sporting shellac on both my fingernails and toes, but on a regular basis I like to give them a bit of a breather. The Leighton Denny Glass Nail File is undeniably the best nail file I have ever used. It is a perfect width to file away those tight, hard to get to, edges, and never becomes ‘blunt’ as it self sharpens. One tip: keep away from tiled or wooden flooring!

As we have hit autumn and the temperature has significantly dropped, I have upped my ‘coldsore defence’ and made an effort to apply my Blistex Relief Cream morning and night. I suffer mainly due to seasonal changes and salty foods (weird), but find that this mini tube of goodness is great at keeping them at bay (and quickening the healing process!). I use to suffer quite badly with monstrosities (my friends can confirm) when I was younger and ended up begging (slight exaggeration) my Doctor for some miracle solution. Blistex contains similar ingredients such as ammonia, and in my opinion is just as, if not even more, effective than the prescriptive formula.

Hands up who doesn’t keep a tube of hand cream at the side of their bed?! Soap and Glory Hand Food is my ultimate favourite when it comes to hand hydration, but I like to mix it up and buy little miniature tubes to try and test on a regular basis. This month’s goodie is Laura Ashley Imperial Bloom, which contains shea butter and liquorice root extract - dreamy.

What's in your bedside beauty box?


  1. I am forever lusting after the Leighton Denny glass nail file! I think you've finally convinced me to buy it once I get paid this month!
    Jodie xo // La Lune Song

    1. Well worth the investment! Great blog xox


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