REVIEW | Laurens Way Tanning Moose

I have previously mentioned that fake tan is my number one holiday essential and each year I seem to discover a new favourite. This summer, I popped Laurens Way Self Tanning Bronzing Moose into my suitcase as I had used it a handful of times on various nights out and loved the deep, yet natural, colour.

Over the 8-day period, I applied the tanning moose every other evening using a mitt, and rinsed the guide colour off the following morning. I must admit, this tan does have a fairly strong ‘biscuit scent’ in comparison to others that I regularly use, but the lasting power is great and it fades evenly.

Surprisingly, I still have over half a bottle left, and have continued using it twice a week since I got back to the UK. It does leave my skin feeling a little dry, particularly on my legs, but teamed with a rich body butter applied daily, it leaves skin glowing

Purchase yours for £17.95 here.

Summer Holiday | Croatia & Montenegro

La Tentation de Nina Ltd Edition by Nina Ricci

Hands up who else always feels the need to purchase a new bottle of perfume in Duty Free even though you have bottles and bottles tumbling off your dressing table? Guilty.  
Dashing through security, armed with my boarding pass and purse, I swiftly made my way directly towards the humungous Marc Jacobs area of Duty Free to purchase their new release Daisy Dream. I had been banging on and on about it being my summer fragrance this year, even though I hadn’t even had a chance to test it. When I reached the stand, I eagerly spritzed a test sheet and wrinkled up my nose - I was not impressed. I raved about my Marc Jacobs Daisy last summer, but this latest release was not a hit for me. I gingerly continued my way around the shelves oozing disappointment until I stumbled upon the Limited Edition La Tentation de Nina by Nina Ricci. Not only is the eye-catching bottle a fabulous shape and colour (pink & gold), the fragrance is divine - Nina has apparently taken inspiration from the delicious smell and taste of the popular French Macaroon.
It is a sensory delight of fresh, floral and fruity notes that make it a perfect summer scent. The staying power is fantastic and I feel it is light yet classy enough to wear day and night.

* Top Notes: Italian Bergamot
Heart Notes: Pink Grapefruit Essence, Lemon Essence, Raspberry, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Macaroon Accord
Base Notes: Sandalwood, White Musk, Bourbon Vanilla
Purchase a 50ml bottle for £39.50 * here
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