Summer Body Prep & Aftercare

The evening before I jet off on holiday, I always put time aside for a lengthy pamper session. I start by running a hot bubble bath and apply an invigorating face mask. I scrub my body from head to toe with exfoliating gloves and remove any unsightly hairs whilst having an ‘She's got it Yeah, baby, she's got it’ moment with my pink Venus razor. I moisturise any dry areas such as elbows, knees and ankles before applying a healthy dose of fake tan. Being a chemically-enhanced blondie, my hair needs a bit of TLC before stepping out into a hot climate. I like to smother the ends with a deep conditioning treatment oil and wrap it up in a warm towel for around 30-40 minutes prior to getting in the bath to give it a much needed moisture boost. Once I have washed, scrubbed and bronzed myself, I take the time to carefully paint my nails using an at-home gel nail kit. These polishes do not budge for at least 2 weeks, so are a holiday must have - neon come at me.

The blazing sun, humid atmosphere and salty sea air has a hefty impact on hydration of the skin, hair and nails - therefore holiday aftercare is absolute must. I begin by running a luke-warm bath, filled with a thick, nourishing milk or oil. I gently exfoliate the skin, taking care to avoid any overexposed sunburnt areas, using exfoliating gloves to remove any unsightly fake tan residue or build up - pay special attention to the arm pits, knees and ankles. Once towel dry, I apply a thick body butter from neck-toe and allow time to soak in- my skin literally ‘drinks’ it up. I tend to switch up my usual developing fake tan for a gradual moisturiser to aid hydration and prevent my skin drying out further. Similarly to holiday prep, I smother the ends of my hair with a treatment oil or mask and wrap in a warm towel for as long as possible. If you can spare the time, pop on a shower cap or plastic bag (how attractive!) and try and sleep on it. Once rinsed, I apply a leave in conditioner and try to avoid using heat appliances for the next couple of days - exception - blow drying my fringe is a routinely must. If my gel nails are still looking strong and intact with no unsightly regrowth, I tend to only use a cuticle oil and massage cream to soften any dry areas. My feet usually need attacking with a pumice stone, as flip flops and dry heat do not mix well.

Do you have any holiday prep or aftercare tips?

Summer Holiday Essentials

1. After countless eye-stinging moments of accidentally mixing sun cream fingers and my contact lenses last summer, I decided that this year I would purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses from Specsavers. I love the overall style, shape and comfort of these sunglasses, and they haven't been off my face since I bought them.

2. I have already declared my unconditional love of my mini Moroccan Oil here as this little bottle of goodness not only keeps the ends of my hair nourished and hydrated from the blistering heat, but it is also great at taming any unruly, and fly away ends. This is a holy grail product in my day to day haircare routine, and is a must on holiday!

3. I have given up countless attempts at baking on a sun lounger for hours on end, only to come home whiter than when I departed! Fake tanning is now a huge part of my holiday prep, and Nars Laguna is a great make-up product at bronzing up any missed areas that need defining. It's a gorgeous brown, matte powder that doesn't appear orange on the skin - winner!

4. Unnecessary but necessary amounts of bright, bold lips products are always crammed into my holiday make-up bag and this year is no exception. The Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms have great staying power and are available in a range of gorgeous summer colours. I love to wear these day and night to add a pop of colour to any outfit.

5. Lush Tea Tree Water is a fairly recent holiday find of mine and it is here to stay. This spritz is not only amazing at keeping skin clean and clear, but it is a great refresher on those hot summer days (especially when stored in the fridge - ahh-mazing!)

REVIEW | Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

The sun decided to make a much-needed appearance last weekend, which meant my makeup routine had a little switch up. I decided to ditch my beloved Revlon Colorstay Foundation (full coverage) and opted for a lighter application of Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - a fabulous summer combo.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer is a medium-full coverage concealer that not only covers unsightly blemishes, but illuminates and reawakens the darker areas under the eyes. Rimmel state that it creates an ‘instant anti-fatigue effect due to its peptides and vitamin moisturising’ ingredients.

It is extremely long-lasting, even in the hotter climate, and a definite holiday staple. The concealer is available in 4 different shades, but I find the lightest ‘ivory’ shade is great at highlighting those gloomy areas. The formula is extremely easy to blend and sets nicely with my Transparent Stay Matte Powder. 

Quick, simple and fuss free - what’s not to love? Purchase yours for £5.49 here.
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