REVIEW | Lancôme Gloss in Love

L-R 385 Under the Spotlight, 323 Pink Caret, 383 Violette Paillette, 144 Glitter Mania

I received this mini set of Lancôme lip glosses for my birthday and must admit I let out a little squeal when I saw the colours – pink and glittery, what’s not to love? 

I’m usually not the biggest gloss fan and tend to stick to lipsticks or stains. I have a bit of cringe worthy history with lip gloss as mid-convo my hair usually gets caught by a gust of wind and decides to attach itself to my pout for the rest of the day, not cool. However, these little mini are smooth in texture and not at all sticky, they have a light fruity fragrance which doesn’t leave a lasting taste in your mouth. They also have a unique double-sided lip shaper that makes application super easy – their pointed tip allows precision and customisable coverage. They are pigmented enough to wear alone, but look great on top of lipsticks/ stains for extra sparkle, shimmer and shine. These Lancôme lip glosses aren’t a budget buy, but if you’re looking for something super luxurious without that sticky feeling then these tick the box. 

These glosses are available in 12 different shades and can be purchased full size for £20 here.



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