REVIEW | Kleenex® Shine Absorbing Sheets


I, for one, am plagued by the curse of the oily t-zone. 

I begin the day around 7.00am with a natural dewy complexion, but by lunch time I am sporting a large greasy streak down the centre of my face - lovely. For me, blotting papers are a handbag essential in discreetly keeping your make-up looking fresh without adding excess product. 
The Kleenex Shine Absorbing sheets are contained within a small cardboard pack and hold a healthy 50 purple sheets. They are made of thick, powder free material and have an attractive matte print on the opposite side which makes them public friendly. The immediate oily/greasy residue is evident on the sheet following use, but they still manage to keep any existing make-up intact. 
These are the best blotting sheets I have ever used and will be a firm staple in my handbag!
Purchase yours for £1.09 on Amazon here.




  1. Sounds great, I like the look of them too. I have oily skin so these will be useful and they look better then regular ones lol, xoxo.

  2. Just ordered these thanks to this blog post! Think i am going to do a review of my own on them because i get oily skin throughout college but i'll definitely give you the credit of introducing them to me:) x


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