OOTN | Manchester, Deansgate

All lined up giggling in our disposable bra and thong sets, my fellow classmates and I spent an eventful afternoon learning the application techniques of spray tanning. Just to be on the safe side, I picked out the lightest Sienna X shade available - check out my instagram where you can see me a little amused with the mucky guide colour!

Later on that evening, Paul and I made our way to Manchester for a friend’s birthday. We had some Mexican food & cocktails in Lucha Libre (bar/restaurant), before making our way down to the Deansgate Locks. I thought I’d share with you a couple of snaps that I took on my iPhone before we set off - enjoy!



  1. The food at Lucha Libre is amazing! Lovely dress

  2. Love your dress! I really like your blog, I've tagged you in my tag post the beauty scenario tag if you want to do it http://www.adayinthelifeofmissverityprice.blogspot.co.uk is the link to my post :) don't forget to link back to me... xxx


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