Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge | Beauty Blender Dupe

Cosmopolitan’s Blend Perfection Sponge is raved about in the blogosphere for being a dupe of the highly rated Beauty Blender. Sponge application was always my preferred method of foundation application when I was younger, but my attention was drawn elsewhere when I became more interested in experimenting with makeup. After reading countless reviews from fellow bloggers, stating Cosmo’s sponge as a Holy Grail product, I popped it into my online basket on FeelUnique without hesitation.

Using a bouncing or stippling method, the Blend Perfection Sponge promises to create a seamless, flawless, blended finish with no visible streaks. The sponge is expertly shaped for precision blending around the nose and delicate eye area. Before use, simply rinse the sponge under running water and squeeze out any excess.

I have completely fallen in love with this make-up sponge, and haven’t used anything else to apply my foundation since purchasing it! It really does do what it states on the box - my make-up base looks flawless and I have had several comments asking what products I am using on my face - winner!

Purchase yours online here for £4.95:  



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  2. Your make up looks lovely, great price for the blender too, xoxo.

  3. I love the beauty blenders!

    I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Go check it out :)


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