Garnier Simply Essentials Make Up Remover

As an avid waterproof product wearer, I have tried and tested many eye makeup removers which have never impressed - too greasy, too watery, I have scrutinised them all. After numerous evenings soaking cotton pad after cotton pad with liquids I knew would only smudge and yank chunks of my eyelashes out, I decided it was time to begin the hunt for an eye makeup remover that ticked all the right boxes.

I purchased this bottle of goodness after I was drawn in by the 3 for 2 offer at Boots. I was already a regular to their Fresh Essentials Cucumber Face Wipes, so decided to give the Eye Make Up Remover a bash. It promised to remove waterproof make-up from sensitive skin without the need for rubbing- what’s not to love?
The formula consists of two phases: make-up removing oil (blue liquid) with the freshness of cleansing water (clear liquid) - magical. Simply shake the bottle to mix and gently hold on the eye area with a cotton pad for fuss free, no leftover residue, removal. Garnier do say that this product can be used all over the face, but I personally prefer to use an alternative cleanser.

Garniers Skin Naturals 2-in-1 Make Up Remover can be bought for £3.25 online here: 


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