My Go To Make Up Brushes

I’m definitely a person who gets easily drawn in by tempting trends and I tend to follow the crowd when it comes to trying out newly hyped up beauty products - make up brushes are no exception.
As you will be able to gather from the photo above, I am a huge fan of the Real Technique Brushes by Samantha Chapman. They are not only pretty affordable but made of fabulous quality and extremely easy to use for those of us who aren’t make up geniuses. When the brushes emerged and created a well-deserved buzz in the blogosphere I quickly hopped on to the bandwagon.
‘Real Techniques brushes combine high-tech materials with innovative design to make creating a pixel-perfect look easier than ever.’
Like many of us out there, I tend to use make up brushes differently to their intended purpose!Keep reading if you are interested in me rambling about my Go to Make up Brushes.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
 After using the Real Techniques Stippling Brush religiously for many years, I picked up the Buffing Brush on a bit of a whim whilst browsing my local Boots store and since then have never looked back. Not only does it blend my liquid foundations such as Mac Face and Body and Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation beautifully, but it is also great for mineral foundations such as the Bare Minerals Original Foundation. I will confidently say that this brush is hands down the best for creating a flawless finish however minimal or extensive your priming routine is.
No 7 Foundation Brush
 This is the first make up brush I ever purchased back in 2008. Before moving away to University, I had always applied my foundations with any random makeup sponge that I could get my mitts on. When I caught a glimpse of my housemate applying her foundation with a brush, I was intrigued. Her foundation was always flawless and I immediately popped out to boots to scour the shelves. It took a little getting used to as I found it left brush strokes if application was rushed. Nowadays, I either use this for blending concealer on larger areas of my face that need specific coverage, or on a night out for highlighting when I am tanned.

Real Techniques Blush Brush 
This brush is intended for blush but I find it too large for the apples of my cheeks, therefore I use it to sweep compact powder across my t-zone. It is extremely soft yet doesn’t hold too much product which is a bonus at stopping your face from looking cakey. I must say that it is a little on the large size for travel in a small compact make-up bag, but it is perfect for storing/standing on a dressing table.
Real Techniques Setting Brush
I use the setting brush to apply powdered or cream blush as it is perfect for smaller specific areas whilst still being able blending easily and efficiently. Occasionally I will use it for highlighter when I am going for a more bronzed look without blusher.
 Real Techniques Eyeshadow Brush 
Yet again this is a specific brush which I do not use for its intended purpose. I use the eyeshadow brush to blend my concealer on smaller specific areas of my face; such as under the eyes and around my nose. I find the small soft bristles perfect for blending whilst catching minimal product.
Jemma Kid Eyeliner Brush
This particular brush was an impulse by after hearing Tanya Burr rave about it on her YouTube Channel. At the time I was really struggling with mastering the technique of gel eyeliner and this was a brush that she highly recommended. Drawn in by the hot pink packaging I quickly popped it into my online basket and went straight to check out. She was absolutely right; this brush is fantastic for creating a smooth winged look. The bristles are made of durable fine material and very easy to clean.

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